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Our Process

Our Process for Onboarding 

Our Process for Onboarding 

30 years of experience has taught us that while investment portfolios need to be rebalanced and monitored, many times we can do exemplary work using a core of your existing portfolio. Keeping what works and changing what was no longer working becomes a central principle on how we maintained our clients throughout their whole life. 

Because of this cost efficiency perspective, our goal when we initially sit down with the client, is to discover as much as we can about them and ask questions like, "What you have done in the past that has worked for you?" "Where are you now?" "And where do you want to be in the future?" This perspective allowed us many times to build around existing portfolio holdings in order to minimize unnecessary cost duplication. 

By meticulously recording this data we have the ability to work in concert with our clients by structuring investment portfolios that are understandable with specific purpose in mind. Whether the goal is to grow the portfolio aggressively or to create a lifetime income stream, we work closely with our clients to customize their portfolios to their needs without undue complexity.

We focus on the process of formulating, implementing, and monitoring financial decisions into an integrated plan, which guides our clients to pursue their financial goals. Broken down into 7 steps below:

1. Gathering information to better understand the clients personal and financial circumstances 

2. Identifying and Selecting Goals

3. Analyzing the client's current course of action and alternative courses of action

4. Develop the Financial Planning recommendations 

5. Presenting the Financial Planning recommendations 

6. Implementing the Financial Planning recommendations

7. Monitoring and revising plan